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A memorial plaque serves as an enduring tribute and reminder of a cherished loved one. To discuss your memorial options, we direct you to Canterbury’s local monumental masons Decra Art. They can assist with design and customisation to create a fitting and lasting tribute.

Council by-laws around New Zealand do limit the size of the memorial you place in a cemetery or crematorium. There are varying rules on the size, material and design of headstones and plaques, so please check on these before visiting a monumental mason.


Our affiliated locations, Canterbury and Harewood Memorial Gardens Crematoriums, can also offer personalised assistance with memorialisation in their tranquil garden settings, one in the west and one in the east of the city. Both gardens are set aside as a resting place in perpetuity, giving you peace of mind your loved ones will always rest safe in their care.

The caring team at Canterbury and Harewood Memorial Gardens Crematoriums can tailor a memorial to meet every family’s needs, style and budget, giving you all the support you need to arrange your loved one’s memorial.


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A peaceful resting place for generations of Cantabrians. The Canterbury Memorial Gardens were established in 1936. Over the years, the gardens have gradually grown into a rambling park full of tranquil nooks and corners, rose gardens and mature trees.


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A formal park with rose gardens and native plantings, long graceful walkways are flanked by immaculate lawns. The gardens are shaded by mature trees creating a serene setting for rest and contemplation.


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